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EPIC Risk Management are the leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy in the UK; focusing on the highest prevalent sectors. EPIC identify and reduce the brand, reputational, financial and human risks caused by gambling in the workplace.

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We recognise that sometimes controls can fail and organisations suffer the consequences of financial crime, often linked to gambling.

Our experienced investigators can investigate losses that have arisen from both internal and external financial crime, help recover misappropriated funds and develop a framework to prevent future occurrences

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17.5% of all reported frauds over £50,000 are now motivated by gambling.  This equates to £350m.  BDO Fraud Track Report 2017


2002 years imprisonment due to gambling related offences in the last 5 years (independant evidence based research from public record)


500,000 children aged 11-15 gambling every week with 143,000 experiencing gambling-related harm (UK Gambling Commission 2016 / Daily Mail)


We regularly publish research pieces and articles highlighting the problems associated with problematic gambling and the risks faced by businesses. In July we published EPIC’s first Annual Report. In May 2015 we published a ‘Thinkpiece’ report in the Chartered Institute of Insurance titled: “Problem Gambling in your workplace: Is this a risk you can ignore?”

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Sky Bet launch responsible gambling campaign for EFL clubs

Leeds based online gambling operator Sky Bet has launched a new responsible gambling campaign designed to educate players and staff from every one of the 72 EFL clubs about gambling related harm.

EPIC will provide each club with training similar to that which it has delivered to Chelsea FC, the Professional Cricketers’ Association and the Rugby Players’ Association. In addition, it will work with current networks within professional football to signpost support for any player or club official who requires it.

The aim of the training will be to ensure players understand the potential risks associated with gambling, the rules around betting integrity, and know how to look out for signs of potential harm in their teammates.

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