Young Gamblers Education Trust

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EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy are thrilled to be working with not-for-profit partner, the Young Gamblers Education Trust. The shared personal stories of the respective founders and their shared commitment to advocate responsible gambling among young people is what makes this partnership particularly strong.

Young Gamblers Education Trust has a simple, yet powerful mission ‘to inform, educate and safeguard young people around safe gambling and support those affected by a gambling habit or addiction’. Their services will be targeted specifically at 12 – 24 year olds and the organisation will deliver the following three principle objectives:

  • Work with the Department for Education, Local Authorities, private providers and partner organisations to offer a range of teaching materials to educational establishments allowing for gambling awareness to be effectively taught in schools, colleges, youth clubs and other educational settings.
  • Working with partner organisations, Department for Education and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to position gambling awareness education as a topic within the PSHEe (Personal, Social and Health Education) or school enrichment curriculum at Key Stage 3 & 4.
  • Work with a range of partner organisations to develop and deliver highly effective peer mentoring, education and specialist support / signposting for young people affected by gambling.


Lee Willows, the organisations Founder said “I am delighted to be working alongside such a talented colleague as Paul Buck. I reached out to Paul for help when I was receiving treatment for my gambling addiction and he has been hugely generous with his time, help and support. His deep personal commitment to both me and the Young Gamblers Education Trust has been inspirational, so much so I was delighted when he accepted the role of non-executive Director”.


There is minimal proactive education in schools, universities and youth clubs in the UK as to the potential dangers of gambling. The Young Gamblers Education Trust are developing a framework and quality standard that educational establishments can work towards to embed gambling awareness education into their PSHEe curriculum or other enrichment programmes. Quality teaching resources, schemes of work, lessons plans and student resources written by world leading academics are available for educational establishments to use.


Willows went on to say “The UK gambling industry has changed significantly over the last decade. Measures introduced by the 2005 Gambling Act and advances in new technology, have impacted on the access and advertising of gambling services in the UK. With betting shops and fixed odds betting terminals now on every High Street, casinos open 24/7 in most cities, a tech savvy generation of young people and a massive rise in advertising, the awareness of and opportunity to gamble is far more assessable than it has ever been, especially to our children. The Young Gamblers Education Trust is not an anti-gambling organisation. We advocate responsible safe gambling just as advocating safe drinking or safe sex is important for young people. Our organisation is born out of a desire to ensure that children and young people have the right education and support, if and when, they choosing to gamble”.


By working in partnership with the Young Gamblers Education Trust, EPIC Gambling Consultancy are keen to support the growth and rollout of gambling awareness education in a variety of educational settings. Paul Buck said “I hope our work with businesses will inspire them to support the Young Gamblers Education Trust in their local community where their employees live. As a society we understand alcohol and drug addictions and there is government funding to support such services. The Young Gamblers Education Trust are only one of a few organisations doing any meaningful work in this area and without government funding”.


If you think you can help us on our journey please do get in touch. Twitter: @YoungGamblers Email:


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