Problem Gambling in the Financial Services sector

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Problem Gambling in the Financial Services sector

It has been confirmed that 20% of all referrals to the National Problem Gambling Clinic, in London, come from the financial services sector even though this is the industry that has the controls and systems available to them to prevent and identify potential problems.  We recognise how serious this issue is and tailor our work to meet your companies needs.  This means that you keep your companies reputation in tact, keep families together and support problem gamblers in your organisation with tackling problem gambling head on so that they can return to psychological equilibrium.

How our proprietary programme works is that we work with each department in your company:

  • We work with your compliance department so that they are able to identify a problem gambler.
  • We work with your HR department so that they can fulfil their duty of care.
  • We work with your management structure so that they are alert to the triggers and warning signal of gambling addiction on a day to day basis.

To find out more about how we can support your company, call us today on 0203 773 8262

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