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Problem Gambling – a RISK issue

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Problem Gambling – a RISK issue

EPIC is now established as the leading problem gambling consultancy in the UK and Ireland. We advise organisations on how to protect their brand and financials against the risks associated with problematic gambling behaviour whilst importantly ensuring that the human risk is also mitigated, including a fit for purpose pathway of support.

The most common question I am asked – be it by FCA regulated organisations, FTSE companies, professional sport, the armed forces, or so many other sectors – remains ‘is problem gambling really a risk issue that needs to be addressed? After speaking to either me or one of my leading team of Associates there are very few who then answer ‘no’.

Last month the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute), the professional body for the financial services industry, asked EPIC to provide a Think Piece on the issue. This has now been published and here is the link

Call us for a no obligation chat. If we can help your organisation we will provide discreet, professional, multi award winning risk consultancy work. If we can’t then we will tell you we can’t and you will have peace of mind that you are prepared for the negative effects of problematic gambling behaviours if, sorry when, it effects your organisation be it through theft, fraud, relationship breakdown, bankruptcy, brand reputational loss, productivity reduction, or worse….

London office: 0203 7738262

Northern office: 01942 494913

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