What’s in a name – gambling risk..

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EPIC has changed it’s name….

After 18 months of EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy we will now be trading as EPIC Risk Management.

The name change is a result of an extensive research and feedback project with our target markets and current engaged clients and stakeholders.

We are a specialised risk management consultancy offering prevention and management of the risks relating to employee problem gambling. We identify the risks to businesses and their employees in relation to problematic gambling activity, assisting the business to control, reduce and , where possible, eliminate the brand, reputational and financial risks and facilitating the delivery of the duty of care an employer has to deliver a safe place of work.

Put another way…

We save you money and embarrassment whilst helping you to look after your employees better.

1:30 of UK employees ‘consistently gamble more than they can realistically afford’. This rises to 1:6 in high risk industries such as financial services, professional sport and the Armed Forces.

How safe is your organisation?

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