Female Programmes Lived Experience Facilitator

We are hoping to continually add specialist lived experience of gambling harm to our ever-expanding team, with a particular emphasis on recruiting staff whose tale will particularly resonate with all-female groups, which make up an increasingly large number of the audiences to which we present. These sessions are delivered primarily in the UK and US, so we welcome applications on a rolling basis from suitable applicants who can enhance our team in either of those territories.

As a lived experience facilitator, you will play an instrumental role in the delivery of several key gambling harm minimisation programmes with a key role in particularly working with women with gambling addictions. Using your lived experience of gambling related harm, you will bring to life the negative impacts that can happen as a result of excessive gambling and provide valuable insight to fulfil our company mission: Learning from lived experience, we aim to take the problem out of gambling.

At EPIC we believe that through our stories we can prevent gambling harm at an early stage by raising awareness, and training those who are best placed to identify signs of harm and intervene effectively. Recounting your journey through gambling harm, you will aim to prevent others from experiencing gambling harm.

Fundamental in the execution of our groundbreaking programmes, you will facilitate pioneering training material to our clients across the six most prevalent areas for gambling related harm: Education, Elite Sport, Criminal Justice, Financial Services, Armed Forces, and the Gambling Industry.

Female Programmes Lived Experience Facilitator

Full time

Primarily UK or US based