Brianne named in top 25

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EPIC Risk Management’s VP of US policy and strategic development, Brianne Doura-Schawohl, has been named by Global Gaming Business magazine (GGB) as one of their ‘25 People to Watch’ for 2022.

In the 20th anniversary edition of the list that the magazine publishes every year in its January edition, Brianne has been recognised for her accomplishments so far in impacting the gambling industry and the potential for her to maintain that impact in 2022 and beyond.

She has been hugely influential for EPIC since joining the organisation in 2020, with the many achievements that have led to her current honour including working with Congress and state legislature to influence gambling policy, contributing greatly to the company’s rapid growth in the US and being a driving force behind the recent successful Player Protection Symposium in New York.

Brianne has also been a keynote speaker on a number of industry panels on behalf of EPIC and a regular representative of the company in a wide range of media appearances, including an extended feature regarding the organisation’s impact on CNBC and numerous podcast and print media contributions.

Speaking in reflection of her accolade, Brianne explained:

“It’s both surreal and humbling to receive this recognition, seeing my name alongside such an esteemed and impressive group of professionals.

“Seeing representatives of the problem gambling movement included on this year’s list makes me encouraged and proud; a sign that the industry views us as an integral part of the gambling ecosystem as we work to make it as safe as possible for all.

“I’d also like to applaud Global Gaming Business for such a diverse and inclusive list, I hope this signifies the future of the community within which we work.”

To see the company that Brianne is now keeping after joining the prestigious GGB list that has been growing since 2003, please click here.

Congratulations Brianne from everyone at EPIC and a big thank you for the fantastic effort you continue to make on behalf of the organisation and the crucial cause of gambling harm minimisation.