EPIC Risk Management has announced the launch of its U.S. subsidiary in Delaware

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EPIC Risk Management, a globally leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy, has launched a U.S. subsidiary in the state of Delaware. The new headquarters of EPIC Risk Management in the U.S. will service both the U.S. and Canadian territories and will be a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), codifying its commitment to reducing gambling-related harm in the U.S. as a commercially sustainable but socially driven business.

With a strong foothold in the UK and Europe, EPIC has worked in 23 countries delivering industry-leading education and awareness provisions in reducing gambling-related harm. The launch of EPIC’s U.S. subsidiary as a Public Benefit Corporation continues its work of positively impacting public health by reducing gambling-related harm through education, advocacy, and providing expert advisory and resources to those at risk of, gambling addiction and gambling-related harm.

“The announcement of our U.S. subsidiary as a Public Benefit Corporation marks an important milestone in our work in the U.S. market, while also aligning with our broader global strategy of minimising gambling-related harm,” said EPIC Risk Management’s CEO and Founder, Paul Buck.

“The U.S. betting and gambling landscape is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, due in no small part to the legalization of sports betting across many states. It is vitally important that gambling harm is recognised and treated as a public health issue that all stakeholders have a duty to mitigate from politicians to the gambling industry operators, to sports teams and leagues, plus the media and regulators. We believe that today’s announcement signifies a period of exciting growth for our organisation and will play an important role in further developing EPIC’s services in the U.S. to prevent harm”

EPIC Risk Management has worked in the U.S. since 2019, and to date, has launched collaborations with the NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation, multiple colleges athletic programmes across the U.S., and the Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, on research into elite athletes' relationships with problematic gambling behavior.

In that time, they have also appointed highly influential Brianne Doura-Schawohl as Vice President of US Policy and Strategic Development plus leading problematic gambling prevention specialist Dan Trolaro as Vice President of Prevention.