EPIC Risk Management look ahead to Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM)

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For EPIC Risk Management, PGAM is very much business as usual – the work to minimize gambling harm continues. EPIC will maintain our work with the highest risk sectors for gambling harm, sectors that including professional sports, education, financial services, and military personnel.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) in 2021 provides a platform to highlight the issue of problem gambling. Approximately 2 million (1%) of U.S. adults are estimated to meet the criteria for pathological gambling, another 4-6 million (2-3%) would be considered to have a gambling problem; yet for many, gambling remains a hidden addiction (NCPG).

EPIC Risk Management VP of US Operations, John Millington: “EPIC has built a reputation as a global leader in gambling-harm prevention, having worked across 21 countries delivering industry-leading education and awareness provisions in reducing gambling-related harm. We continue to be committed to discussing issues around harm prevention, player protection, destigmatizing issues around problem gambling and we will continue to reiterate the importance of education and awareness.”

This month provides a welcome emphasis to “have the conversation” about problem gambling, in across the month of March, EPIC will highlight it’s four-pillar approach to minimize gambling-related harm.

This blended, four-pillar approach will bring the greatest success as we tackle problem gambling in the US head-on.

These pillars are.

Lived Experience – This always has and will always be the underpinning foundation of all the work that we do. The business itself was, after all, founded in lived experience, 50% of our staff have lived it, and this is a key element to understanding how to minimize gambling-related harm.

Research and Evidence – Driven by innovative design from leading experts, and recently accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, our training, education, and advisory is built on evidence-based approaches and guided by the latest independent research.

Prevention – Our mission is to take the problem out of gambling, and our role is to prevent as many people as possible from getting to the point at which they “fall off the edge of the cliff”. We are trying to save lives! Through harm minimization and prevention programs, education and training, and advocacy, we aim to ensure that as many people as possible have the appropriate information to make better-informed decisions.

Policy – We recognize that to have the greatest social impact in the U.S. we must have a voice when it comes to legislation, regulation, and policy. We work collaboratively to ensure comprehensive legislation, regulation, and policy that will be effective in preventing and minimizing gambling-related harm while ensuring a safe and sustainable industry.

Brianne Doura-Schawohl, EPIC Risk Management VP of US Policy & Strategic Development: “We hope that this month provides all stakeholders a chance to reflect on why approaching the issue of problem gambling is of great importance, and that, we all have a collective responsibility in addressing this issue. Indeed, we’re proud to be part of a wide-ranging number of partners of the problem gambling ecosystem who share that responsibility and work.”