Our Services

Our unique solutions deliver with impact and protect organisations from gambling-related harm

Delivering Solutions

We will help your business or organisation avoid the destructive effects of gambling-related harm.

Lived Experience

EPIC was founded in lived experience and almost 50% of our staff have lived through their own experiences of problem gambling and gambling harm. Unique lived experience plays an essential role in understanding how to prevent gambling-related harms.


Our mission is to take the problem out of gambling and to save lives. Through harm prevention programmes, strategic advisory, and training, we aim to help people make better-informed decisions and remain safe from gambling-related harm.

Research and Evidence Based

Our training, education, and advisory is built on evidence-based approaches, guided by the latest independent research, and independently evaluated. Recently accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Policy and Regulation

We work collaboratively with key stakeholders across the gambling ecosystem to ensure regulation, legislation, and policy addresses the prevention of gambling-related harms and encourages a safe and sustainable industry.

EPIC Pro Sport Advisory Board

An international board looking to safeguard the interests of professional sports and esports stars from the risk of gaming and gambling harm.

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Gambling Industry

For digital and retail bookmakers, casinos, game designers, affiliates and other gambling industry professionals

Professional Sports

For professional athletes, their teams, support staff and governing bodies


For pupils and students, teaching staff and parents

Financial Services

For all staff involved with audit and compliance, colleague conduct and HR

Armed Forces

For serving members of the armed services

Forensic Services

For all levels of management and staff, right through to the C-suite and board

Criminal Justice

For offenders in custody and in the community, their families, prison officers and probation teams

Construction Industry

For site workers, management teams and support staff


For players, management teams and the wider esports audience