Are you responsible for the wellbeing and safeguarding of children?

There is a spotlight on gambling among young people, and we believe that working with the education sector to increase awareness around safer gambling and gaming is imperative.

EPIC is passionate about investing in young people. Our bespoke in-school awareness sessions use impactful, real-life stories and interactive data capture to offer students practical advice around safer gambling. We also work alongside teaching staff to recognise signs of problem gambling among their pupils and work closely with them to help to safeguard the pupils', and the school's reputation.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to education. Accordingly, we offer sessions with parents to help raise awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of gambling, along with highlighting the important role that parents play in not only identifying potential issues but also in educating and protecting their children from gambling-related harm.

Why Education?

500,000 11-16 year olds are thought to gamble weekly

UK Gambling Commission 2016

12% of under-16s have played an online gambling-style game

Young People and Gambling Survey 2019, Gambling Commission

In England, Scotland and Wales, 1.7% (that's 55,000) 11-16 year olds are classified as problem gamblers and 2.7% as at risk gamblers

Young People and Gambling Survey 2019, Gambling Commission

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