As eSports continues its rapid growth in popularity, the potential for gambling-related harm grows too. We educate and empower players, management teams and the wider eSports audience to avoid the risks and dangers of problem gambling.


  • Executive advisory
  • Hard-hitting lived experience stories delivered by current or former professional athletes
  • Gambling-related harm awareness and prevention training
  • Sports betting integrity
  • Advice on support and treatment options
  • Talks and workshops for athlete support staff and parents

How We Deliver

  • Face-to-face workshops and seminars
  • Live online sessions
  • Pre-recorded video content

Did You Know?

One in six young gamers in Great Britain have taken money from their parents without permission to buy loot boxes.

Royal Society for Public Health, 2020

Did You Know?

80% of children aged 8-11 play online games in the UK.

OFCOM, 2021

Who We Work With