As esports continues its rapid growth in popularity, the potential for gambling-related harm grows too. We educate and empower players, management teams and the wider esports audience to avoid the risks and dangers of problem gambling.

At EPIC we provide impactful and proven awareness, education and risk management programmes for elite professional athletes, management teams, clubs and governing bodies.

We make athletes aware of the potentially destructive financial implications and health issues that out-of-control gambling can cause. The work we do enables athletes to make well-informed decisions; reducing distraction and maximising performance.

To date, we have delivered successful gambling awareness and education programmes across the Rugby Players Association, Professional Cricket Association, Rugby Football League and the English Football League. We've covered subjects including gambling related harm, betting integrity, where and how to access help, and how to spot the signs of potential problematic gambling behaviour.

PPF Survey 2014, Dr Heather Wardle

One in six people in high-risk sectors, such as professional sport, consistently gamble more than they can realistically afford

Research conducted by EPIC across 15,000 elite professional athletes 2015-2019

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