Gambling Industry

Sector-leading training and consultancy for digital and retail bookmakers, casinos, game designers, affiliates and other gambling industry professionals.

Our Training Courses

  • Gambling-related harm awareness and preventionMore
  • Risk assessmentMore
  • Interactions masterclassMore
  • Wellbeing at work for gambling industry employeesMore
  • Please get in touch to find out about our other courses and support optionsMore

How We Deliver

  • All courses fully accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Face-to-face workshops and seminars
  • Live online sessions
  • Delivered by those with lived experience of gambling related harm
  • Digital learning design and hosting

Consultation Services

Quality assurance of customer interactions
Review of customer journey experience from sign up to external communications
Evaluation of safer gambling messaging
Review of internal policy and procedure
Advisory function to CEO and board level
Product safety design assurance
Key case reviews (individual customer concerns)
Regulator mock audits, advice and assurance
Remuneration and KPI strategy advice
Review of advertising and marketing
Review of loyalty and high value customer strategy
Training and development assurance

Did You Know?

In 2013 we became the first consultancy to put lived experience storytelling at the heart of our training programs.

Did You Know?

Our training is mapped to the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission's licensing requirements.

Did You Know?

EPIC Risk Management is accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management.

Who We Work With