EPIC Pro Sport Advisory Board

An international board looking to safeguard the interests of professional sports and esports stars from the risk of gaming and gambling harm

EPIC Risk Management is proud to unveil its first-ever EPIC Pro Sport Advisory Board. The nine-person board includes a blend of people drawn from the sporting ecosystem that EPIC Risk Management believes can play a significant role in minimising gambling harm in elite sport.

The main purpose of the EPIC Pro Sport Advisory Board is to use the respective board members’ expertise across gambling, gaming, esports, integrity, athlete welfare and lived experience to guide EPIC’s wider strategic goals and objectives in elite sport and esports.

In EPIC’s work in elite sports, we make athletes aware of the potentially destructive financial, health and performance implications that out-of-control gambling can cause. The work we do enables athletes to make better-informed decisions, reducing distraction and maximising performance whilst also evaluating their own, and their teammates’ relationships with gambling.

The board will aim to meet twice per year, and will not only provide a chance to formulate strategies to minimise gambling harm around the sporting sector, but also provide each board member with an opportunity to share best practice in this area and take it back to their respective organisations for the benefit of their members, who are predominantly elite professional athletes in various sports or esports.

“We are extremely proud to announce such a diverse and wide-ranging advisory board.

“All members are well-respected in their field of expertise, and we feel their knowledge and personal experiences will make a valuable contribution to this board.

“In turn, we’re delighted to provide members of the board the opportunity to guide our harm minimisation programmes across elite sport which will ultimately protect athletes in their careers from gambling harm and promote and advocate the importance of gambling awareness and education across this area.”

Paul Buck, CEO, EPIC Risk Management

Board Objectives

Reduce gambling and gaming harm across all professional sport
Explaining and sharing best practice between sports and organisations
Lead innovation in gambling harm
Apply a joined-up approach with our education programmes and strategy
Creation of messaging to better inform sports and esports stars
Feed into and inform National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms

The Board

Cam Adair

International speaker and entrepreneur

Caryl Banks

Manager of the Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF), NFLPA

Adam Brickell

Public Affairs Director, Flutter UK&I

Nick Denning

Personal Development Manager, Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA)

Steve Emberson

Integrity Manager, Genius Sports

Michelle Evans

Head of Communications and Wellbeing, PFA Scotland

Jack Francis

Head of Player Care, Chelsea FC Academy

Marcus Horan

Player Development Manager, Rugby Players Ireland

Mads Øland

Experienced professional sport and esports director. Former professional footballer

Who Our Board Members Represent