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Chelsea FC

We’d like to thank and recommend the guys at EPIC. Both players and staff walked out of the workshop with an insight and understanding into the scale of gambling addiction. The instant impact which the stories carried, backed up by the questions asked are definitely a recipe for a positive approach to how this is managed within the CFC academy. We all look forward to working with you again next season.

Jack Francis
Head of Lifestyle and Mentoring

Gambling Industry


'Working with EPIC and Paul Buck has been one of the best decisions we could ever take. EPIC gave amazing eye opening training sessions last November at our offices that got everyone impressed and wanting to do more! Through Paul's excellent knowledge and expertise, we can really take consumer protection to a new level through innovative projects. It is an honour to be working with such a brilliant team.'

Maris Bonello
Integrity Analytics Manager

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The Rugby Players’ Association engages EPIC Risk Management to deliver interactive education sessions to our professional rugby playing members. Professional athletes are recognised as being at greater risk of developing gambling issues than the general public and so we need to provided interactive education for our members in an impactful way. In doing this and by the use of personal stories and experience, EPIC have exceeded expectations, not only in providing top quality education but also valuable advice and guidance at a strategic level.

Richard Bryan
RPA Rugby Director

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British Army

"My sincere thanks for your recent and particularly powerful series of lectures on Gambling Awareness. Exposing your own journey in such a public and heartfelt manner has clearly resonated with those within this Garrison (military and civilian); it has also provided, for the first time, some objective analysis. The feedback I have received has been extremely positive and it has allowed me to consider our Gambling Awareness strategy for NI Garrison"

Bridagier J Swift OBE
British Army

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Financial Services


The financial services sector is in the business of risk and many parts of it are focused on risk taking, or at least risk assessment. It is not a big jump to the belief that some individuals, in fields such as currency or derivatives trading, are temperamentally and behaviourally drawn to the adrenalin of risk and gambling. What is less known is the extent to which we, as a sector, attract people who find it difficult to leave such behavioural characteristic outside the office - or at least until now.

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Graham Gooch - England Cricket legend

There are a lot of dangers in the world for young people now and I am particularly interested in helping out with the education of young cricketers with all the worries and concerns of online gambling and getting into bad habits. If we can educate people, make them aware of the pitfalls and get insight from people who have been down that route and fallen foul then, hopefully, they can be warned about the potential dangers. Sportsmen, in particular, do find themselves with time on their hands. When I played people would go to a betting shop if they wanted to have a flutter. Now the temptation to bet online is great. In the social media world it’s very easy to get into that.

Graham Gooch
England Cricket legend who funded EPIC’s programme with the PCA

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East India Club

At the East India Club we had the misfortune to suffer as a result of crime linked to problem gambling. We employed Paul Buck and his organisation to provide support to our staff and to build awareness of the risk of problem gambling. This has proved most successful in educating, advising and re-assuring our management and staff and has involved an audit of financial procedures, updating policy, workshops and 1 to 1’s.

Finally we have been grateful for the advice and assistance with our efforts to recover some of the financial damage, through legal processes and the gambling commission.

Iain Wolsey
Chairman, East India Club, St James’s Square, London

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Rugby Players Ireland

As part of our Player Wellbeing Programme at Rugby Players Ireland, we aspire to deliver professional and impactful support to all our members. EPIC, as an organisation, has worked with other professional player associations and came highly recommended, not just by the staff at the associations but by the players who attended the sessions. On the back of this we invited Paul and Justyn to Ireland to present to our professional rugby teams, and the feedback was extremely positive. Their use of personal stories and the hard hitting reality of gambling addiction provided some real insights from our members. Paul has been very proactive in providing support after the education sessions and we look forward to working with EPIC again this season.

Deirdre Lyons
Rugby Players Ireland, Player Development Programme Manager

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Worcestershire CCC player

“Paul’s session was a real eye-opener. It’s an amazing story but a shocking story, the way Paul put it across was fantastic. It’s all about creating awareness. Hopefully it’s prevention rather than cure and will stop players across the country from falling into the pitfalls of gambling. It’s not just about looking at yourself but also looking out for your team mates. As cricketers we spend a lot of time together in dressing rooms and hotels up and down the country. It’s really important that we all look out for each other. If we see any concerning habits we need to speak up and look after each other as best we can.”

Daryl Mitchell
PCA Chairman and current Worcestershire CCC player

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University of Hertfordshire

Having EPIC deliver workshop’s was an opportunity for us to allow an authentic dialogue with both staff and students, which was made very real through the lived experience. We believe an authentic person delivering the workshop allowed for a shared experience and ensured participants did not feel judgement. We did not want this to be a concept or idea, this is about the reality of gambling and being able to create a safe space for students to share views and experiences, with someone who understands the issue. It also fosters a peer to peer learning space and hopefully removes some of the stigma of speaking about gambling.

This comes from our belief that we need to help educate students for their financial future, both during their time at university and beyond, and goes some way to help them build the resilience they need throughout life. We hope that this is brought to life through the experiences of the workshop facilitators and that this is very much not a ‘lecture’.

Danielle Coe
Head of Student Finance

Tonbridge School

Tonbridge School

Justyn’s talk on gambling has already been touted by many of our boys as the best talk of the year. He shared his own story of problem gambling with the boys, and its disastrous effects, which was particularly moving. He also spoke of awareness of gambling addiction and of how to cope if in danger. His manner of speaking was very engaging and utterly appropriate for a school audience – he kept them glued for a full 90 minutes. Given the ease and prevalence of access to online gambling by children, this talk is utterly indispensable in a PSHE programme today.

Stefan Hargreaves
Tonbridge School


Kew House School

Justyn had our students absolutely engaged right from the beginning of his talk. His frank and honest approach made this talk very accessible to our sixth formers. Justyn’s willingness to answer questions and to challenge the students on their pre-conceived ideas about gambling meant that they left with lots to think about. Students were discussing the talk for several days after Justyn’s visit, which shows that his words had a lasting impact. We are grateful to Justyn for sharing his experience with us, I look forward to arranging further talks for our students.

Student quote:
‘It was a really insightful talk, I now feel empowered to make responsible choices about gambling in the future’



Having met with Paul Buck, Founder and Managing Director of EPIC, we at AON are keen to build a relationship with Paul and his team. It is a credit to EPIC that they have identified the negative impact that problem gambling can cause to UK businesses, at all levels, and have developed a comprehensive and scalable solution that can fit in with any organisations needs. The ideas and strategy of EPIC will reduce risks of my clients, and ensure that duty of care is fulfilled to all stakeholders.


Hartpury College

The stories and experience shared by Mark and Justyn were eye-opening to say the least, all students were engaged and interested for the entire period and left with a much greater understanding on the potential risks associated with gambling. Our students really benefitted from the open and honest reflection from people who treated them as adults. Justyn and Mark did not come into the college and ward the student off gambling, preaching of the pitfalls and negatives should they choose to bet on sporting events – for this reason the sharing of their experiences had a much more positive impact. We will be inviting EPIC in again next year to again talk with our second year students and hope that this can continue in the future.

Shaun Gluyas
Lecturer in Football Studies – Lead Practitioner – Junior Development Football Coach | Specialist Sport

Professional Sport

Hibernian FC

Mark Potter of EPIC Risk Management presented to the full Hibernian FC Development Squad at the Hibernian Training Centre on October 16th 2017.

His topic was focussed on “Gambling Awareness” – but, in fact, the content covered a far wider area, taking in decision making, life skills, substance abuse, nutrition and the integrity needed by a professional sportsman and a young person with responsibilities to self, family, team mates, and friends.

As the Hibernian Education Programme is based on the Personal Development of 17-20 year olds – on and off the football pitch – his approach perfectly hit the target and met our needs exactly.

The programme welcomes a number of speakers and presenters through the season but Mark’s visit is the one on which the players still comment, and there has been much reflection on its content, and his delivery, over the past six months.

Mark engaged with the players, held their attention, and spoke in a very personal and self revelatory way – so that his audience were in no doubt of the veracity of his account and the relevance of his experiences.

I would hope to work with Mark again: he had impact and wisdom to impart, and the young players of the Development Squad gained greatly from his visit.

Gambling Industry

Sky Betting and Gaming

Working with Paul and the EPIC team has been terrific. Through their own personal experience and expertise, they bring candour and authenticity to work with operators like SBG, who have safer gambling at the heart of everything we do. They also really ‘get’ our culture and are genuinely excited by what we can achieve together to minimise gambling related harm. EPIC recognize SBG as an operator truly committed not just to identifying problem gamblers among our customer base but also interacting with them. They have delivered excellent, revelatory and enjoyable training sessions for our employees but the really outstanding work is our partnership with them and the EFL. Through EPIC, we are delivering what we believe to be the largest and most comprehensive gambling education and awareness programme ever implemented in world sport. EPIC are a key part of our plans to make betting and gaming safer and lead the way in creating a sustainable future for the industry as a whole.

Tim Bishop, Managing Director, Risk and Safer Gambling



Thank you so much for coming to speak to the Sixth Form at Canford - it was an extraordinarily powerful and impassioned talk which clearly resonated with every one of the 250 pupils present. Your courage in speaking about events which are so personal and emotionally demanding so soon after they happened is remarkable, and one had a genuine sense of the pain and despair which you have been through. Indeed, in many ways it was far more than a talk about gambling and addiction, spanning the impact of depression and the emptiness which hardship can engender. But ultimately it was also a message of hope, the power relationships and the importance of honesty, and this certainly gave it real relevance to all those present. The message was conveyed with confidence, humility and intimacy, highlighted by the fact that one could have heard a pin drop throughout. Thank you again for delivering such a crucial talk which I know they will long remember, and for answering so candidly the range of questions at the end

Assistant Head - Richard Salmon


Oundle School

The talk given by Patrick Foster was extremely engaging. He spoke about his story. He had an easy childhood and upbringing and had what many would think is a perfect life playing first team sport for Oundle School and then playing for Northants as a professional cricketer. However, gambling took control of him and his life. For me, the talk wasn't just about gambling, although that was incredibly interesting, but it was about how his addiction took control of him, his actions and therefore his life. This addiction could be anything, not just gambling. When Patrick Foster reached out to his brother seven minutes before he was going to end his own life, it showed that mental health and addictions can be linked and need to be spoken about more and more. People need to be aware of them and the problems associated with gambling. If the people closest to Patrick had known about his 'problem' or he had shared it with them, it would not have got to this point. A very memorable and interesting talk. Thank you very much.”