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Learning from Lived Experience we aim to take the problem out of gambling.

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About EPIC Risk Management | Problem Gambling Awareness

Our team contains a number of reformed problem gamblers, who present and utilize their unparalleled first-hand experiences to serve as cautionary tales of the devastating effects that problem gambling can have on individuals from all walks of life.

Paul Buck

Founder & CEO

John Millington

Senior Director

Danielle Smith

Director of Operations

Martin Bland

Director of Business Development

Paul Findlay MBE

Director of Social Impact

Ben McGregor

Director of Sports Partnerships

Dan Spencer

Director of Safer Gambling

Sam Brooks

Head of Training and Evaluation

Louise Flynn

Head of Business Support

Matthew Hennessey

Head of Communications

Mike Holinski

Head of Business Development

Mark Potter

Head of Delivery (Professional Sport)

Dave Sproson

Head of Safer Gambling

Dan Trolaro

VP of Prevention (US)

Michelle Evans

Senior Sports Partnerships Manager

Liam Dyche

Senior Program Manager

Pippa Robson

Events and Wellbeing Manager

Adrian Ward

Communications Manager

Joanna Whitehall

Sustainability Manager

Craig Cornforth

Harm Prevention Manager

Alan Smart

Harm Prevention Manager

Anca-Maria Gherghel

Research Manager

Chloe Tomalin

Marketing Manager

Simon Wootton

Program Coordinator

Marc Williams

Program Facilitator

Matt Mason

Digital Learning Designer

Matt Sillitoe

Digital Content Producer

Scott Davies

Program Facilitator

Greg Weber

Program Facilitator

Patrick Chester

Program Facilitator

Ryan Tatusko

Program Facilitator

Liz Thielen

Program Facilitator

Mike Huber

Sports Program Facilitator

Julie Murtagh

Senior Executive Coordinator

Daniel Wood

Facilities Coordinator

Andy Margett

Insights Executive

Anneke Stols

Research Associate

Mark Murray

Education Programs Assistant

Nathan Quarless

Program Facilitator

Chris Wood

Program Facilitator

Abby Barlow-Lloyd

Business Administration Apprentice

Josiah Ojofeitimi

Business Development Consultant

Caty Illingworth


Pete Wallis


Jonathan Peniket

Gaming & Esports Consultant