Armed Forces & Veterans

Education and awareness programs for serving members of the armed services, tailor made to help minimize gambling-related harm.


  • Hard-hitting lived experience stories
  • Gambling-related harm awareness and prevention training
  • A specialist EPIC mobile support app
  • Advice on support and treatment options
  • Custom training design

How We Deliver

  • Face-to-face workshops and seminars
  • Live online sessions
  • Pre-recorded video content
  • On-location workshops and briefings
  • Full review of your current processes

Did You Know?

The lack of standardized screening for problem gambling in the US military remains a significant barrier to care for problem gamblers.

Etuk, R., Shirk, S.D., Grubbs, J. et al. Gambling Problems in US Military Veterans, 2020

Did You Know?

According to Veterans Today, the prevalence of gambling problems among both veterans and active-duty military personnel is very high.

Veterans Today, 2020

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