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EPIC Risk Management Services

Education and Training

We offer bespoke educational and motivational speakers to come and discuss the hidden dangers of problem gambling.

Problem gambling is often described as a hidden addiction. The signs are difficult to spot and yet the effects can be devastating.

To date, the team at EPIC have conducted over 150 speaking engagements appearing in front of law-makers, CEOs, sports professionals, prisoners and children. Our awareness presentations can be incorporated into a health and safety or staff well-being day; they are informative, hard-hitting and will help remove the stigma associated with gambling addictions.

Policy Development and review

Employers have a duty of care towards to their staff and failure can result in financial, reputational or even regulatory risk. Unlike drugs and alcohol, employers rarely have policies in place to address the effects of problem gambling.

What would you do if a senior manager told you they were at the verge of bankruptcy? How would you deal with an employee who over-claimed their expenses because of gambling debts?

We can offer CIPD accredited HR experts to develop policies to ensure your organisation and staff are protected from the effects of problematic gambling.

Risk Management and internal audit

Does your business operate in a high-risk industry such as financial services or insurance? Is there a culture of gambling within your company? Are there policies and procedures in place to prevent theft?

EPIC has developed a unique risk matrix to intelligently identify businesses and individuals most at risk of problematic gambling.

As part of our Organisational Health Check, we will review the highest risk areas of your business and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Forensic investigations

Our Forensic Services team was set up in 2017 as a result of demand from our clients.

Organisations that had suffered gambling related financial losses wanted a consultancy who understood the nuances of problematic gambling, but were also able to offer a comprehensive investigate function.

We can investigate losses that have arisen from both internal and external financial crime, help recover misappropriated funds and develop a framework to prevent future occurrences.

By allowing EPIC to take over the investigation we can allow you to focus on your business whilst being assured that we will act diligently and impartially.

How EPIC can help your business to prevent:

Download our Forensic Services Brochure here

Executive Support

EPIC was founded by a former senior banking professional who suffered, and overcame, a pathological gambling disorder between 2003 – 2011.

We understand that senior business leaders are one of the most at-risk groups of individuals. In a position of trust and with substantial responsibilities, seeking help can be daunting.

That’s why we work with our clients discretely and confidentially, and offer a range of bespoke solutions for the most sensitive of cases.

We can offer:

One-on-one executive support with our CEO.

“Expert witness” advice in legal proceedings.

Ad-hoc research, analysis or publications.

Workplace Accreditation

EPIC Risk Management accreditation

We believe that organisations have a duty of care to their employees that extend beyond legal requirements.

A good employer will ensure that there are appropriate support mechanisms for staff who suffer from gambling related addition, and that they are offered unwavering help and support to overcome their additions.

Problem gambling is co-morbid with other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and substance misuse.

As the only provider of workplace solutions to prevent gambling related harm, EPIC’s new accreditation scheme is available to organisations who have implemented substantial measures to protect the well-being of their staff.