Criminal Justice

Offenders and those engaged with the criminal justice system in Great Britain may be considered an at-risk group for gambling-related harm1.1Disley, E., Pollitt, A., Culley, D.M., & Rubin, J. (2011) Map the Gap: A critical review of the literature on gambling-related harm.

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Working with the key populations within the criminal justice system

Our in house specialists raise awareness of the risks of gambling through tailored, personalised training sessions.

Criminal Justice

In 2016, EPIC successfully secured a tender with GambleAware to deliver a two-year gambling harm minimisation programme into UK prisons in partnership with Sodexo justice services. Through the delivery of the COMPASS project  EPIC are very proud to be actively playing a role within the rehabilitation of offenders within UK Criminal Justice, by working with the following key populations:

01.Offenders in custody

Through the delivery of the compass programme we educate prisoners to make better informed choices to help prevent re-offending by raising awareness of the links between gambling and crime.

02.Offenders in the community

By educating probation service users around the dangers of problematic gambling, we are actively reducing rates of imprisonment whilst promoting their rehabilitation within the community.

03.Prison Officers and Probation Teams

EPIC will provide training for prison officers and probation teams to help identify the signs and symptoms of problematic gambling. EPIC are also providing probation services with the signposting of after care services and provision of gambling harm literature.

04.Families of Prisoners

For every problematic gambler; statistics say that up to ten other people can be directly affected. With that in mind, EPIC are providing training sessions and support to the families of prisoners who have been affected by problematic gambling.


"I have recently been released by the parole board, they said in their report that the insight I now have into my gambling addiction was a major factor in their decision that I no longer needed to be imprisoned. I can't thank EPIC Risk Management enough, I truly believe that I would not be in such a positive position without their help"

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