“500,000 children are gambling every week” - The Gambling Act 2005 sets a statutory licensing objective that children should be protected from being harmed by gambling.

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Protecting your students

Our in house specialists raise awareness of the risks of gambling through tailored, personalised training sessions.

For students, educators and relevant governing bodies

Statistics show that 16 to 23 year olds are three times as likely to develop a problem with gambling than those who gamble when they are older.
EPIC have created a bespoke education and awareness package which is designed to inform and safeguard young people and their educators the growing issue of problematic gambling.

01. Students

Educating students through inspiring and hard hitting real life personal stories, interactive data capture and self help harm- minimisation tips. We raise awareness of the potential dangers of problematic gambling whilst allowing students to make better informed decisions.

02. Staff

Training  staff to recognise students who are potentially showing  the signs of gambling related  harm; such as truancy, anti-social behaviour, mental health issues and family relationship breakdowns.

03. School

Benefits to the school would include, students performing to their maximum potential, both academically and also in their social and personal development.  Our  post session data  report to the headteacher, provides  the school first hand information of current levels of gambling within the student population.

04. Governance

A proactive student welfare initiative that has clear perceptional value with OFSTED, whilst fulfilling duty of care to students. Reputation and brand of the school is protected, with increased commercial revenue and student numbers, with lower levels of student drop out or transfer.

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Thank you so much for coming to speak to us at Cranleigh yesterday. I have to admit to finding it very challenging – as the only person there who would have known you as a boy , I found it particularly moving. It really can happen to anybody. Your preparedness to be honest and vulnerable made it powerful for the pupils and they certainly listened intently. Just the fact that it has affected and inspired one boy in particular in such a way has made made it all worthwhile.

Patrick, you are doing great things and I will continue to support your work by being an advocate for you and EPIC.

Cranleigh SchoolMartin Reader (Headmaster of Cranleigh, Vice Chairman of the Boarding Schools Association and Professional Development Committee Member of HMC)

It was a really great talk.

One of the boys whom I know gambles has deleted his apps to day, he found the talk powerful and it sent the right messages to him. His parents attended the talk also and parental feedback has been extremely good.

I recommend the talk to all those with pastoral responsibility in any school. Gambling is a major issue and we have not got to grips with this terrifying issue in schools at the moment.

Thank you again and good luck with this extremely important project.

Charterhouse SchoolStephen Hearn (Housemaster, Robinites House, Charterhouse)

Having EPIC deliver workshop’s was an opportunity for us to allow an authentic dialogue with both staff and students, which was made very real through the lived experience. We believe an authentic person delivering the workshop allowed for a shared experience and ensured participants did not feel judgement. We did not want this to be a concept or idea, this is about the reality of gambling and being able to create a safe space for students to share views and experiences, with someone who understands the issue. It also fosters a peer to peer learning space and hopefully removes some of the stigma of speaking about gambling.

Haileybury SchoolCarrie Walshe, Head of Sixth Form

Patrick’s open and honest account of his experience with gambling was gripping throughout. The manner in which it was presented was engaging and informative, and gave the pupils a chance to reflect on how their decisions and attitude to gambling could potentially have life changing consequences. The content of the talk, and Patrick’s delivery was pitched perfectly to the audience, and the feedback from the boys was overwhelmingly positive.

Sherborne SchoolDavid Murray - Head of PSHE

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