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'17.5% of all publicly reported fraud over £50,000 is now due directly to gambling' - BDO Fraudtrack Report 2018

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Protecting your company’s brand, reputation and finances whilst securing your employees health and well being

EPIC employ some of the leading gambling harm-minimisation specialists in the UK with unparalleled experience of high risk industries and risk mitigation. Our results and testimonials are second to none.

Where we specialise

Evidence confirms that the financial services industry has statistically the highest prevalence of problematic gambling amongst its employees. It also perhaps has the most to lose in terms of brand, reputation and finances

EPIC can provide discreet, high quality and proven consultancy across the following areas:

01.Fitness & propriety

Each financial institution has an obligation to ensure that individuals are suitable to perform a controlled function. EPIC can analyse current practices, link to past problems, identify best practices and changes to procedures and recommend for future mitigation efforts and more effective use of this process. Emphasis to be placed on recruitment, annual testing and real-time review.

02.Audit & Compliance

EPIC’s analysis of criminal convictions and reported thefts/frauds show that many should have been picked up by audit procedures and compliance strategies. EPIC will review current audit checklists and procedures, identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations to change which will mitigate risks within branches and other money-handling departments.

03.Colleague Conduct & Legal

EPIC will work with your organisation to mitigate gambling related harm and unwanted exposure. Where disciplinaries, legal matters and criminality does occur we will use our expertise in these areas discreetly to reach a fair conclusion and reduce the harm and redress to all parties.


EPIC will review current procedures across HR functions including EAP review, communication strategies for identified fraud and provide a fit for purpose Gambling at Work policy either stand-alone or part of an organisations broader HR policy set. The merits of an education or awareness programme, either stand-alone or as part of an organisations wider policy can be considered.

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The financial services sector is in the business of risk and many parts of it are focused on risk taking, or at least risk assessment. It is not a big jump to the belief that some individuals, in fields such as currency or derivatives trading, are temperamentally and behaviourally drawn to the adrenalin of risk and gambling. What is less known is the extent to which we, as a sector, attract people who find it difficult to leave such behavioural characteristic outside the office - or at least until now.


At the East India Club we had the misfortune to suffer as a result of crime linked to problem gambling. We employed Paul Buck and his organisation to provide support to our staff and to build awareness of the risk of problem gambling. This has proved most successful in educating, advising and re-assuring our management and staff and has involved an audit of financial procedures, updating policy, workshops and 1 to 1’s.

Finally we have been grateful for the advice and assistance with our efforts to recover some of the financial damage, through legal processes and the gambling commission.

East India Club

Having met with Paul Buck, Founder and Managing Director of EPIC, we at AON are keen to build a relationship with Paul and his team. It is a credit to EPIC that they have identified the negative impact that problem gambling can cause to UK businesses, at all levels, and have developed a comprehensive and scalable solution that can fit in with any organisations needs. The ideas and strategy of EPIC will reduce risks of my clients, and ensure that duty of care is fulfilled to all stakeholders.


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