Forensic Services

Protecting business from financial, commercial & reputational loss

Are you the CEO, CRO or Senior Board Member of a financial services organisation or an organisation that has been a victim of crime?

Identification & Control

Protecting your employees health & wellbeing

Our in house specialists raise awareness of the risks of gambling through tailored, personalised training sessions.

For Employers

Helping employers minimise the financial, commercial and reputational loss gambling can cause

By giving you the tools to minimise the impact of problem gambling on your workforce and organisation

01. Theft of physical assets, stock or information

Our forensic experts are able to investigate any internal theft, fraud or corruption cases, providing a cost effective solution to your company allowing you to focus on your business whilst being assured that we act diligently and impartially.

02. Costs to your Organisation

We mitigate from the potential of client loss, loss of client trust, damaging press coverage, regulatory sanctions and redress, legal implications, failure of duty of care and crippling financial loss.

03.Understanding the mindset of a gambler

EPIC helps organisations to better  understand the mindset of a problem gambler who will often devise creative ways to commit fraud whilst going unnoticed. Gambling addicts traditionally have the false believe that they will be able to recoup their losses, bringing about more aggressive betting and eventually the the desperation to commit criminal activity

04.Misappropriation of company funds

We can investigate losses that have arisen from both internal and external crime, help recover misappropriated  funds and develop a framework that can help prevent future occurrences.


At the East India Club we had the misfortune to suffer as a result of crime linked to problem gambling. We employed Paul Buck and his organisation to provide support to our staff and to build awareness of the risk of problem gambling. This has proved most successful in educating, advising and re-assuring our management and staff and has involved an audit of financial procedures, updating policy, workshops and 1 to 1’s.

Finally we have been grateful for the advice and assistance with our efforts to recover some of the financial damage, through legal processes and the gambling commission.

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