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At the heart of our thinking is an aim to reduce the risks that consumers face, especially those that are vulnerable, from gambling. We think that action - from government the gambling commission and OPERATORS is needed to achieve that aim - UK Gambling Commission Review 2018

Are you a gambling operator CEO, Head of Risk, Head of Compliance or Player Safety? Does your gambling organisation care about AML, safer gambling & staying compliant?


Reducing the prevalence of player vulnerability and crime, leading to reduced regulatory risks and potential sanctions.

Using EPIC’s specialist knowledge in relation to anti-money laundering, safer gambling, regulation and staff training to improve processes and protect industry operators and customers.


Helping operators to detect problem gamblers through integrated data analysis, trigger identification and cross department collaboration.

Improving staff training programmes and raising awareness of the risks associated with problem gambling from customer service teams through to CEO’s.

For Gambling Industry Operators

Multi million pound sanctions to operators are becoming common place; due to systemic failure to protect consumers, lack of social responsibility and poor anti-money laundering procedures.

EPIC are using their responsible gambling expertise by working collaboratively with gambling operators in the following key areas to improve compliance.

01.AML Source of Funds

EPIC provide consultancy services around source of funds and AML, including patterns of play, illegal sources of funds, when and how AML should identify different sources of funds, when fund types change and how this can relate to problematic gambling.

02. Optimising and Customising Customer Interaction

EPIC’s team of specialists inform, advise and educate on how the mind of a problematic gambler works and how best to approach and interact with different types of customers most effectively.

03. Safer Gambling Training

Using EPIC’s safer gambling expertise, we provide staff training to help better understand the potential dangers of problematic gambling and its devastating effects, to both the industry and customers. This includes, crucially, how to identify an at risk or problematic gambler and how to effectively interact to minimise vulnerability and harm.

04. Risk, Compliance, Policy & Procedure Development

EPIC provides expertise in all aspects of risk and compliance including sustainability review, AML, CTF, assistance with complex cases and evaluation. We can perform an independent evaluation of an operators safer gambling policies and procedures.


Working with Paul and the EPIC team has been terrific. Through their own personal experience and expertise, they bring candour and authenticity to work with operators like SBG, who have safer gambling at the heart of everything we do. They also really ‘get’ our culture and are genuinely excited by what we can achieve together to minimise gambling related harm. EPIC recognize SBG as an operator truly committed not just to identifying problem gamblers among our customer base but also interacting with them. They have delivered excellent, revelatory and enjoyable training sessions for our employees but the really outstanding work is our partnership with them and the EFL. Through EPIC, we are delivering what we believe to be the largest and most comprehensive gambling education and awareness programme ever implemented in world sport. EPIC are a key part of our plans to make betting and gaming safer and lead the way in creating a sustainable future for the industry as a whole.

Tim BishopManaging Director, Risk and Safer Gambling

Working with EPIC and Paul Buck has been one of the best decisions we could ever take. EPIC gave amazing eye opening training sessions last November at our offices that got everyone impressed and wanting to do more! Through Paul's excellent knowledge and expertise, we can really take consumer protection to a new level through innovative projects. It is an honour to be working with such a brilliant team.

Maris BonelloIntegrity Analytics Manager

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